• Writer Stanton DeFreitas on Diversity

  • Posted on February 15, 2018
  • There is little question that Stanton DeFreitas feels he derived great benefit from his childhood exposure to a wide variety of traditions and cultures, and embracing them all. See, he was born in the Scarborough section of Toronto, Ontario, which is one of the most diverse sections of one of the most diverse cities in the world, and Stanton realized early on that his experience as a Canadian with Caribbean roots gave him the opportunity to experience and witness many different cultures and that he could use that to make his life more meaningful.

    His exposure to so many cultures has made Stanton DeFreitas into a great businessman, and he is eager to share the knowledge he gained with the world in a way that makes life work better for everyone. That is why he became a writer. It is simply impossible to find a human being who isn't affected by cultural diversity and the inevitable clash that often occurs. If is for that reason that Stanton DeFreitas believes everyone should make a greater effort to broaden their horizons in every way possible; spiritually, academically and culturally. That way, they can lessen the conflict.

    Stanton DeFreitas became a writer to communicate his vision to people on many of the issues he believes are most important to society, such as international current events, international travel and international sports. However, he also loved to write about personal health and wellness because that matters. Stanton wants people to know that we all work better together, among the different cultures of the world, if for no other reason than some cultures may have solutions to another culture’s problems, but we'll never know if we stay within ourselves. We need to branch out and interact more.

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