• Stanton Defreitas - A Philosophy to Broaden Horizons

  • Posted on May 16, 2018
  • Often times, people focus on only the world around them when looking to make an impact. They don’t take the time to investigate what is going on in other parts of the world that could be even more dire. Stanton Defreitas believes that in order to be a well rounded individual, one needs to see beyond their own local area. The idea of being a “citizen of the world” means understanding that there is more to invest in then just what affects you directly. To be a citizen of the world, one must believe in the unity of the world. Stanton Defreitas believes in this unity very deeply.

    Because of Stanton Defreitas’ beliefs, he has dedicated his life to encouraging people to broaden their understandings spiritually, academically, as well as culturally. He is an international business consultant and often has the opportunity to examine as well as work to understand the unique and fascinating differences between cultures. This time also allows him to examine the similarities between cultures as well. There are so many differences in things like religion, societal norms and more. While we may have different customs and languages, being a member of the human race makes us all connected. Being that he works as an international business consultant, Stanton Defreitas works hard to take this belief into his work everyday as he broadens his own horizons.

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