• The Multicultural Mission of Stanton DeFreitas

  • Posted on November 23, 2018
  • Stanton DeFreitas knows quite well that everyone needs to branch out and interact more with other cultures, if we are to solve the world’s greatest problems. He comes by this philosophy honestly, as he credits his exposure to many different ways of life as a child, which is when he was exposed to diverse cultures and ways of thinking about things he would not have considered, had he been stuck in the cultural bubble that is typical among most folks.

    It is that exposure to a widely diverse panoply of thought that has led Stanton DeFreitas to become an excellent businessman with a great reputation. He wants to do more, however, which is why he wants to share the knowledge he has gained with the world in a way that makes life work better for everyone, which is why he has become such a prolific writer in recent years. Stanton DeFreitas wants to become a writer because he has a strong desire to communicate his multicultural vision of the world to many people. He believes there are many issues important to society, including international current events, international travel, international sports and even personal health and wellness, and he wants to be able to express a better vision for how we can all overcome differences to work together.

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